Rhythm Rhyme Revolution + DJ Tabu – Summertime NuAcidFunk EP (only 20 copies online)


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Rhythm Rhyme Revolution + DJ Tabu
A – Summertime (NuAcidFunk) Part 1&2
AA – Sunshine Girl / Summertime (Original)

DJ Tabu (Tasha Guevara) – vocal
Gareth Tasker – musicianship/harmonies
Kenny Wellington – trumpet
Dan Lipman – sax/flute
Fritz Catlin – final dynamical audio tweaks
Barrie Sharpe – vocal
Sharpeye – production/mix/master/video/edit

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Rhythm Rhyme Revolution (Barrie Sharpe & Gareth Tasker) + DJ Tabu: Summertime / Sunshine Girl

There’s something spellbinding about Rhythm Rhyme Revolution’s seductive intensity and it’s all cleverly wrapped up in this rather sterling EP.

Summertime (nuacidfunk) slowly builds and changes tempo into a disco crescendo, in the style of Love Hanger, with Dan Lipman’s glorious jazz flute/sax weaving in and out of Gareth Tasker’s fantastic coral sitar riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Stylistics record.

The Flipside – Sunshine Girl’s slinky Afro percussive groove builds pace as DJ Tabu merrily coos about making love in the sunshine and Barrie Sharpe’s vocal hooks chime in agreement: bolstered by crisp guitar and Kenny Wellington’s jazzy mute trumpet darting around the sonic pool like a magnificent dragonfly. The arrangement has first class interplay and ensemble work too and the funky clavinet and bluesy electric piano really add to this slick vibe.

Also on the flipside is the already established original version of Summertime from RRR LP # 1 – which I can only compare to the Motown classics.

Sharpe is the master tease who builds a grand mood and positively revels in it. You will too, suffice to say, will find this record is a real touch of class.
Emrys Baird (Blues & Soul)



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