SHARPEYE (London Original)

Minimalist . Utilitarian . Dandyism

I was always in the right place at the right time. I didn’t invent anything new; I ran with what I had and re-sculptured to my taste. My attitude defined a moment in time in central London: “Forget that shit you can’t hold me back”. It was an exciting time for innovators: I was not alone, I had plenty of support from my contemporaries and crossed paths with many like-minded people.

It was all about me and the clothes I wanted to wear: I didn’t like the way designers cut their cloth. I wanted my own style, my own fit, my game and my rules. I wanted to kick down the closed doors.

My name is Barrie Sharpe…


I was a product of the times and the product became the producer. I designed the clothes, ran the club, played the records, was in the band and made the music, which created the scene that changed youth culture worldwide. I just kept falling up hill…