I did not create anything new - I merely changed what I saw

This Was Not Part Of The Masterplan (Signed Copy)

This Was Not Part Of The Masterplan (Signed Copy)

Sharpeye . London
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This book is written in the tears, pain, joy, and laughter of my youth. As my words come to fruition the darkness of my earliest memories fade. My story has often been dark but I have also been blessed with much light. I remained in silence for many years, it was not until I spoke that people knew of my thoughts.

I am telling this story as I care to remember it. My dates and facts are probably out of sequence, but the basic story will be told. My tale is only taken from memory and hearsay, thus I cannot guarantee all to be true.

 I was a product of the times and the product became the producer. I designed the clothes, ran the club, played the records, was in the band and made the music, which created the scene that changed youth culture worldwide. I just kept falling up hill.

 I was always in the right place at the right time. I didn’t invent anything new; I ran with what I had and re-sculptured to my taste. My attitude defined a moment in time in central London: “Forget that shit you can’t hold me back”. It was an exciting time for innovators: I was not alone, I had plenty of support from my contemporaries and crossed paths with many like-minded people.

It was all about me and the clothes I wanted to wear: I didn’t like the way designers cut their cloth. I wanted my own style, my own fit, my game and my rules. I wanted to kick down the closed doors.

My name is Barrie Sharpe.