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Rhythm Rhyme Revolution #2 - Vinyl LP (Limited Edition - 300 Pressed)
Rhythm Rhyme Revolution #2 - Vinyl LP (Limited Edition - 300 Pressed)

Rhythm Rhyme Revolution #2 - Vinyl LP (Limited Edition - 300 Pressed)

Sharpeye . London
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A taste of the RRR #2 nine track album > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTx3pvSOqmw

RRR have once more tapped in to their combined creative vaults producing another sophisticated slice of smouldering modern soul and subtle funky grooves. A potent and vastly enticing hybrid laced with killer hooks - enthused in the tradition of Norman Whitfield, with a twist of psychedelia. (Emrys Baired – Blues & Soul)
Gareth Tasker plays and Barrie Sharpe produces. Their sound is individual - based upon the funk of the early 70s: however, with a totally modern production. The clean unique Sharpe production places every part of the puzzle into the correct space: “every note is audible”.
Accompanied by the outstanding abstract gospel vocals of Danelle Harvey - the understated, haunting jazzy horn of Kenny Wellington (Beggar & Co / Light Of The World) & the soulful smatterings of AprilFoolChild’s flutewomanship. Fritz Catlin (23 Skidoo) adds the final edge with his Studer 169…

“I was a product of the times and the product became the producer. I designed the clothes, ran the club, played the records, was in the band and made the music, which created the scene that changed youth culture worldwide. I just kept falling up hill.” (Barrie Sharpe)…

The clothes – Duffer of St. George (created 1984) – from the street, 4 young men shook up the fashion industry globally…

The Clubs – Black Market (Wag) 84/85 and The Cat In The Hat 85/86 – he with his friend Lascelle Lascelles played their favourite 70s funk records to a brand new audience. The style they played became known as ‘Rare Groove’ – the change in club culture…

The band – Diana Brown & The Brothers - that consisted of The Brand New Heavies, The Young Disciples and Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe – became the defining sound of the Acid Jazz Movement…

A relentless, tough, cool as fuck, Afro Beat-tinged Funk winner made for dancers by a dancer. It's the brainchild of Rare Groove innovator, Barrie K Sharpe & his musical partner Gareth Tasker. What's interesting about their music is that we're all busy trying to make stuff that sounds old, but they’ve taken the classic sound and done something new with it. It sounds very fresh. I like the hybrid of it all. (Snowboy)